Push notifications allow applications to read all text messages even without opening these messages. For instance, if you truly enable push notification for a business application, the application can provide the latest updates for the business, for instance, Promotional codes, discounts, newest coupons, and other promotional activities. The notification sends a text message and, when opened, is directed to the business application for more information.

Overwhelming Advantage
These features are critical to business applications. According to mobile marketing statistics, the recipient reads 97 percent of the alerts sent. This is an overwhelming advantage over email alerts, which open at a much lower rate than 4 percent of the time.

Mobile marketing statistics showed that text notifications are read within the first hour they are sent. The message response rate is also higher than any other advertising method.

Push notifications are essential for your application. This feature benefits both the user and the company. Consumers can easily access discounts and other promotions for their favorite items.

With The Push Notification Application, You Can Quickly Reach The Desired Target Audience
Businesses necessitate notification applications to quickly reach their target audience. They alert customers in real-time. It’s easy to promote the business application so that consumers can subscribe to it. You can promote your application through your website. If you offer promotional codes, redeemable items, coupons, discounts, gifts and repeated rewards to customers, the application will quickly find a large number of followers.

If a company has a large database of mobile phone users who use the business application, text messages can be sent instantly to thousands of potential customers. Discounts sent by notifications increase sales by up to 30 percent.

Mobile business applications are becoming increasingly popular. This is because mobile phone users are growing every day. There are five times more mobile phone users worldwide than computer users.

A large number of cell phone subscribers, estimated at 4 billion people and on still the increase, offers business an immense marketing opportunity. The conversion rate of 30 percent of the recipients of notifications must provide sufficient motivation to use push notifications.

Both businesses and customers should take advantage of this great opportunity. With the growing number of mobile phone users worldwide, it’s safe to say that mobile business applications are the future of marketing. Small businesses can benefit greatly from this marketing strategy.

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